Client Rewards Program

It pays to get fit – literally!

When you start training with 3CLICK Fitness, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our one-of-a-kind Client Rewards Program at no extra cost. Simply by continuing your personalized fitness plan with a 3CLICK Trainer, you’ll earn points that you can use for future 3CLICK purchases. You even get rewarded for scheduling your next training session!

Here is everything you need to know about our rewards program:

  • Make purchases and 5% of everything you buy comes back to you in the form of rewards points – for example, $100 in purchases equals 5 rewards points.
  • Schedule your Personal Training sessions online and for each session we’ll give you one Rewards point. Holy mackerel, Batman! Take advantage of this great and easy opportunity to earn a lot of points before we regain sanity!
  • Tell a friend to become a 3CLICK client, persuade them into buying at least three personal training sessions, and we’ll add 50 in rewards points to your account. “Hey, wait, I referred a friend who purchased three or more sessions!” That’s what we like to hear, so let us know when your friend signs up
  • Work with one of our nationally certified Personal Trainers to set an aggressive one-month and SMART fitness goal and when you achieve it, we’ll add 25 rewards points to your account. To learn more, talk to your 3CLICK Personal Trainer or contact us.
  • And lastly, the boring fine print: Each rewards point is currently worth $.25 in account credit and this is always subject to change. Rewards points are earned from the program launch date forward, are not retroactive and expire after 365 days. Rewards points are neither transferable nor redeemable for cash.

Have questions or comments about our Client Rewards Program? Call us at 1-855-3CLICKFIT or email us at